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Welcome to MV lintel replacement.

MV is a father and son team with over 50 years experience in the building trade. We’ve worked on many different types of jobs, from the set of the world famous Coronation Street to Mrs Ashworth’s patio, we take great pride in our work, applying the same high standards to whichever job we are on. We would say that whilst building a reputation for reliability and great work we’ve also built many long lasting friendships too.

These are just a few of the many respected companies we’ve worked for.

About lintel replacement, in plain English.

One of the most common problems with lintels is that they have what’s called an angle iron over the opening, which in time can rust away and cause the brickwork to crack above the opening.

In some old houses (typically 1920’s – 1940’s construction) the bricks were built straight on top of the frame and after time the timber can begin to weaken and bow which causes the brickwork to crack. This can also happen if newer UPVC frames have been retro fitted, as they’re not structurally strong enough to support brickwork.

It’s important to fix defective external lintels as soon as possible to avoid moisture travelling through which may cause damp problems inside the property.

We can fix that – no problem.

To the owner, cracked brickwork can look to be a serious structural problem but in reality if done correctly it can be fixed quite simply.

By supporting the aperture correctly and cutting out the damaged brickwork above the lintel we can install a new galvanised lintel and damp proof course (DPC) if required. We then brick up the courses that were taken out being careful to match any new brick and mortar to the existing surrounding brickwork – leaving it to weather in over time.

Internal lintels.

Lintels come in all shapes and sizes depending on the span of the opening and its load bearing requirements. If you want to make a doorway bigger or move its position you would prop or pin the wall above before attempting to break out the brickwork.

If the wall is holding floor joists or continues through to support brickwork above then the lintel needs to be specified to support the load. In some cases if the opening were very wide we would install a R.S.J (rolled steal joist) for extra strength. Again, if done correctly can be done quite simply without too much disruption or delay.

Areas we cover.

We’re based in the Oldham area of Greater Manchester and generally operate within a 50 mile radius but we have worked all over the North west, Lancashire, Cheshire and bordering Yorkshire areas. We’re happy to discuss any job and if it’s practical – we’ll be there.

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Most jobs will take less than a day start to finish!
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